Six reasons to come to Language and Leisure and improve your English

We asked our students and this is what they said…


1.      The Host Families

 “I really loved to know my host family, they were really nice and I had the best opportunity to talk English with them”

“My host family was excellent! It was when I spent my Sunday with my host family that I had the best time.”

2.      The Classes

 “The classes are very interesting and fun, we play a lot of games and learn a lot.”

“Good teachers, I learned more in two weeks than in one school year.”

3.      The Activities

“I think that the activities have been the best part of my time here with Language and Leisure, because they are so organised and funny, the afternoon and evening activities have been very good and I've really enjoyed.”

“I like all. It's very funny. I didn’t find any activities that I didn't like.” 

4.      Meeting people from other countries

“I loved meeting new friends every week and almost every day, from different nationalities and with a lot of things to teach me.”

“We meet a lot of people from other countries and we can enjoy and learn with them.”

“What I liked best about my time with Language and Leisure was meeting a lot of people of different countries and making a lot of friends.”

5.      The Language and Leisure team

“I like very much this type of experience; the staff were very friendly and happy.”

“The staff, I really enjoyed the atmosphere in the school and during the activities. Everyone was happy to do what they were doing.”

 “I liked best that every teacher was friendly to me and helped me to improve my English.”

6.      Everything!

“These three weeks were the best experience I have ever had.   I improved a lot my English in all the ways and spoke a lot.  I enjoyed my teachers, the activities the full day excursions and of course the school.  I had a wonderful host family and I am gonna miss them a lot.  If next year I can come again I'm sure that I am going to do it.  Thank you for all.” 

“I really like these 2 weeks in LAL school and this trip, I discovered lots of things like local sports , Irish food , and a culture . Ireland is a very beautiful country with lots of things to discover. I really like this travel.”

“I liked meeting people from different parts of the world. I enjoyed all the activities and I think that everyone should do this experience once at least.”


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